Feodor Group

Feodor Group

Feodor Group is under development in Switzerland. Via acquisitions and mergers, the company will form a group of companies that provide financial services for investors and management of their ownership. This is particularly the case within concrete projects and companies with a sustainability profile in the following industries:

– Energy (green solutions)
– Food production
– Biopharma
– Medicine
– Agri
– Aqua
– Minerals

Feodor Group will have high competence in both industrial and financial
management with a sharp operational profile. The company will have the
highest classification from FINMA (Swiss Credit Supervisory Authority) for
financial operations.

Switzerland is a global finance HUB where international capital is transformed
into investments and provides the necessary capital for various industrial
projects globally. At the same time, it is a well-regulated and stable society with
high competence and credibility. It is therefore a suitable location for the
Feodor Group’s headquarters. Company satellites will eventually be developed
in other countries and financial centres to give close service and support to our
customers. We build our business on trust and belonging.

Feodor Group’s company structure will be within:

– Financial management
– Sales of companies and shares
– Travel & Accommodation (B2B)
– Finding grants and investors to projects and industrial establishments
– Find cooperation suppliers and competent project partners