A green aquaponics company: Eurasia Aquaponics

Osprey Capital is involved in a concept of building an aquaponics group in Eurasia called Eurasia Aquaponics.

It consists of a resource and energy center with efficient management and utilization of all resources between different companies at the same location.

These companies operate within:

– Aquaculture
(Land-based farming of trout and salmon -30,000 tonnes)

– Agriculture
(Vegetable production -36,000 tonnes)

– Processing
(Fish & Vegetables)

– Biopharma/Medicine
(From fish, vegetables, algae and insects -1000 tonnes)

– Organic fertilizer for agri
(Sustainable -10,000 tonnes)

9 potential locations in Eurasia:

– Kaliningrad, Russia HQ
(Production and competence centre for all)
– Saint Petersburg, Russia
– Moscow, Russia
– Tatarstan, Russia
– Astrakhan, Russia
– Yekaterinburg, Russia
– Minsk, Belarus
– Almaty, Kazakhstan
– Teheran, Iran


These are large industrial facilities spread over 100 hectares of land, with a building mass of 405,000 m2 and has an investment framework of EUR 1,2 billion per location. Each facility will annually have an output worth EUR 500 million, and will employ approximately 1,100 employees..

This will entail a significant upgrade of local quality food production in the above mention locations and various countries in Eurasia, and be a part of their national or regional food security.